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Try our most popular report the LM2 (Lean Material Management) report for Auto Body Shops and their jobbers

We are pleased to offer a free test drive, up to three shops/customers, for three months. You provide your reports per shop/customer per month, your customer provides inputs (Gross Sales $, Material Sales $, Paint Flagged Hours, and RO Count.)  We create a report for each shop and include either a group (MSO or other grouping of shops) or a Region Report (where we group similar shops IE DRP, and compare individual shops KPI to their own region.

SEMA Special Free Test Drive is available to any Body Shop in the United States or Canada. This offer expires November 30, each year.  We offer this promotion once or twice per year, if you are interested why wait?

The SEMA Special is offered to the first 50 shop locations that request the promo.

If you would more information about this promotion our programs or future promotions please contact us.

Just one of many graphs that included on our LM2 report.


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We most often can deliver higher quality products at prices below what it would cost our customer to do the same work in house ... If they had the trained staff to do it!