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    Art Of The Deal Calculator    
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    NO data is saved or stored. All values are for your use only.    
      Enter data in yellowed cells     Input Values: Enter all values    
    Default Calculation Values: (adjustable) Shop Gross Sales /mo.    
    Shop Projected Growth Rate Our Expected GP% as Invoiced Use Historic %
    Base Months Monthly Rebate $: Flat Dollar Amount
    Percentage Paint Mfg. Jobber Investment $ <Prebate  
    Cost of Money: Purchase Requirement $    
    Prompt Payment Discount: Monthly Shop Purchases    
      Paint Mfg. Rebate to Jobber: Percentage  
    Sales Tax Rate Jobber EOM Rebate % to Shop Percentage  
    Taxable % Percentage of purchases that are actually Taxed. Valid IF payment adjust is NOT made to tax authority. IF adjustments are made in payments to tax authority change taxable to 0.00% Other wise use 40% for standard resale
    Effective Tax Rate
    Investment Equals additional Discount % Of Total Purchases        
    Monthly Flat Line Investment Based on Months of projected purchases  
    Investment Equals additional Discount % Of Liquid Only Purchases        
    Flat Line # of Months to meet Obligation Flat Line without Growth        
    Sales needed to breakeven on Investment Gross Sales(Liquid and Allied)      
    Months to Break Even Flat Line without Growth        
    Future Value of upfront Investment Equivalent dollars of upfront investment as ongoing amount/rebate  
    Projected GP% Net Includes Vendor Rebates & EOM Rebate/Credit    
    Material Purchases As percentage of Gross Sales      
    Date Optional Entry for your tracking purposes only (no entries are tracked or stored)
    ID # Optional Entry for your tracking purposes only (no entries are tracked or stored)
    Monthly Rebate Optional only IF there is a flat dollar amount rebated or credit monthly
    Investment In dollars Jobber investment proposed (Pre-bate)
      Purchase Requirement Minimum purchase requirement in Liquid. IF contract is for total purchases change Paint Mfg. % to 100 for calculation purposes.  
    Monthly Shop Purchases "Real World" total shop purchases to be expected per month. (Liquid & Allied)
    Paint Mfg. Rebate to Jobber: Rebate from Paint Manufacturer to Jobber (Discount Support) in percentage.
    Jobber EOM Rebate% to Shop Additional Rebate from Jobber to Shop as percentage of total purchases.
      Our Expected GP% This NEEDs to be your REAL projected GP%. Use customer historical information from your sales reports OR use similarly priced/discounted customer for new customers.