You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure!

What we do:

You Can't manage what you don't measure! We specialize in providing management with the tools to convert data into manageable and actionable information. 

Whether you prefer the term KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of CPV (Critical Profit Variable) or Management Dashboard, we build solutions for you.

We provide management solutions. Presenting data in such a way as it becomes "actionable" information.  If you can't use a report to make improvements, you have data not information.

Where we do it:

By last count the above states are where we have active clients.

Our Goals:

Provide tools and knowledge to help lead our customers in promoting Leaner, Greener Operations.

We measure our success with reduced waste streams and a cleaner work environment at our customers sites.

Help our customers downsize waste, right size material & supply consumption. While zero waste is a tough goal for many industries, we always start with that goal.

Our Projects

  • Auto Body Paint and Material Management and Analysis.
  • Project Management for small business.
  • Training.
    • Safety
    • PC & Data Analysis.
    • MS-Excel
    • Bar Code & Scanners
  • Regulatory reporting.
  • Safety consultation for the small business.
  • SOPs, (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • K.P.I. Reporting and Analysis.
  • S.C.A.Q.M.D. and A.P.C.D. Compliance (Coatings).
  • V.O.C. and Emission Reporting.
  • Web Presence.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Data Analysis Tools.
  • Delivery Reports and Summary Reporting.
  • Call Center Call Activity Reporting.
  • Sales Call Report Tracking and Reporting.
  • Bar Code Inventory Implementation.

Quick Links

   Excel Help at a reasonable price!

Our Six Steps to a Leaner Greener Workplace.

  1. Establish S.O.P.s.
  2. Less materials (reduce part #s)Authorized List
  3. Ongoing Management Involvement.
  4. Training and Input from all Employees.
  5. Measure and Share the Results.
  6. Repeat As Needed.